2nd post: Jeanne

Hello there,

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I present you the shooting we’ve done with Jeanne. It was a great moment. Last days I try to learn more about photography (I need to understand more the theoretical part), and I seek models to gain more experience. Jeanne volunteere for this session.

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Thank you Jeanne!



Your critiques are welcome !

Thank you for watching !


1st Iconic Spot!

Hey there,

I’m Chloé, 20 year old french girl, who wants to share her pictures (drawings, paintings, illustrations, photographs…) and her writings. I want to show you what I make and I hope I can meet people who also want to share their world with me!

I have been wanting to make a blog for a long time. I was working on it, but there was nothing really concrete. I like to learn, to live a life I think I choose, to make photographs, drawings and paintings, to read, to learn more and more… and I wanted to leave a trace of this sweet life, to share this little experience between years, people, and dust.





I want to create a blog because it can help to be more productive. It’s like a goal, a challenge and it can also be a tool for organisation.


Thanks for reading, 

Hope you enjoy the time you spend here.